Le Grand Rex (Paris, France)


Known for its wedding-cake exterior and fairy-tale interior, Le Grand Rex is the largest auditorium in Europe with over 2,500 seats.

The cinema opened in 1932 and is considered to be a landmark of art deco architecture. Although the seats are a little out-dated, you’ll spend your time waiting for the ads to start staring at the water features on the walls or staring up at the fairy lights and clouds that mimic stars in night sky.

This massive theatre is the ultimate destination for blockbuster big-budget movies from the latest Marvel Movie to Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m still heartbroken that I missed my chance to see The Artist here back in 2011. I have a Google alert set for “The Artist Le Grand Rex Paris” on the off chance they do a re-run or one off special.

You’ll notice the guests in the audience begin to look a little nervous during the ads before the film. They’re shown on a rather small screen for such a massive space. Just as you realise you’ve forgotten your glasses, another huge screen rolls down followed by a sigh and a giggle from a few audience members.

You might think, why come all the way to Paris to see a movie? Think again. The building is a tourist attraction in itself and has been listed as a ‘Monument Historiques’ since 1981. Also, witnessing 2,500 movie-goers nudge into the theatre is people watching très amusant! If you like your movies on a grand scale, this is the theatre for you.

Tickets start at €7.50 and you can book online here.

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