About Me

My name is John Crowley and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I’ve always been a movie lover and obsessed with all things cinema. When I was a child, my aunt owned a small newsagents in a beautiful town called Lismore in County Waterford. Lismore itself holds glamorous connections to the movies as Lismore Castle is owned by The Dukes of Devonshire who are connected by marriage to the iconic Fred Astaire. The star was a frequent visitor to Lismore in the 1950’s and so his famous feet had walked the same streets as myself.

Tucked away above my aunt’s newsagents was a small video rental store. When we visited her, my sister and I would spend hours at the back of the shop watching all of the latest movies. After we had exhausted the block-busters, we would then watch the forgotten movies at the bottom of the “Classics” shelf. It was my access to unusual, alternative films, beautiful world cinema and food-for-thought documentaries at such a young age that made me the addict I am today.

Years later, when I was 16, I interned in Loopline Films in Dublin where I got a glimpse into what went on behind the camera. I shadowed researchers in making such documentaries as Mná an IRA. Since then I’ve completed my undergrad in politics and I am now completing a masters in digital marketing.

Gone are the days when people need to go to Hollywood to be involved in cinema. Niche film festivals, domestic markets and of course Netflix, have changed the game. Our second selves who we portray on social media could be seen as a form of ‘acting’ and taking videos on our smartphone at a rock concert makes us all ‘cinematographers’. When taking photos, we subconsciously check our lighting, our sound and later, we edit content. For Millennials and Generation Y, technology has transformed image making and the recording of daily life experiences in a way that could not have been imagined in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

So welcome to a view of my personal favourites, highlighting the best in film, documentaries and TV Series.